Our website design package puts your company on the internet with an eye for detail. We offer customized graphics, headers, animations, buttons; copy writing and more. Contact us so we can discuss what options best suit your needs!

  1. A band site to sell your music.
  2. An online shop
  3. A landing page for your online fundrasing campaign

Web Business Solution


Want to Accomplish something to enhance your business but you don’t know what it is? We can help you find a solution! Whether it’s an online database to hold your products or your very own social media shopping cart! There are many options for you. Let’s work on it together.

  1. I want to sell things online or through social media.
  2. I want to be able to book meetings on my site.
  3. I want my site to be viewable on a mobile phone.
  4. Payment Scheduling
  5. R&D Research and Development
  1. Megyen’s Yoga Room 

      Megyen approached us needing an online scheduler for her yoga business. We found a cost effective solution and implemented it into her overall site design.

2. Ycity Threads

Ycity Threads print shop needed to be first page in google search results. After some effective SEO solutions; Ycity threads is now listed as a result on the first page of google under a high demand keyword.


The internet has made visual design very important to business’ nowadays. When a persons attention span is no longer than 15 seconds. An eye catching graphic could mean the diference between a conversion or close. Let us find the right look for you when designing.

  1. Logo Design
  2. Business Cards
  3. Advertisements
  4. Layouts

If a picture is worth a thousand words; then an animation is worth 24 pictures per second times however long your animation is. That’s a lot of potential words! Animations such as the one in the button beside this description are eye catching and unique. They can use used anywhere and are no doubt memorable. Could we make your brand logo fly through downtown NY? The answer is yes. Unless your an L.A. fan.

  1. Facebook Headers
  2. Website Headers
  3. Motion Graphics for Video.
  4. Web Banners, animated gifs, and advertisements.

Filmed advertisements are everywhere. They’re on Youtube, on television and even in those annoying banners between stories on your favorite news site. A two minute ad could bring you 2000 new customers. It could also be played on television for even more brand recognition. There’s not too much that film can’t bring your business. If your interested; we do this too, and very well we might add.


Fundraising Campaign Videos

Header Videos

Corporate Documentaries

Short Films


Print is different than web based graphics. Print is design you can hold in your hand. You can touch it; read it with your eyes. Feel the words. Take it home. Hang it up. It’s more traditional and goes a long way. Several weeks after it’s printed; it maybe picked up again and makes an effort to bring customers to your business once more. Print fills the void where computers can’t. We can help you by bringing your idea to paper professionally.



Business Cards




Creative Individuals

Creative Individuals

This is to the odd ones: The creatives, the painters, the musicians, the dreamers. To everyone that ever had passion to create something but didn’t know where to begin. This is for you! We are here to help you make your artistic ambitions come to fruitation. We will find the route to get your work into the world. Make your mark today! We’ll know where to begin and how. All you need to do is contact us. You bring the talent. We’ll bring the connections.

Facebook Header

Animated Profile Picture

An Animated Gif

Comic Book / Manga / Posters

Book Covers


YouTube Channel management

Live Audio Recording

Digital Resume

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