The director is the person that makes all creative decisions final. He or she is the person that all head of departments report too. A director has the overall vision of what the final film will look like based on his interpretation of the script.

Directors must know what they want and be determined to do whatever possible to make that happen. They need to manage large groups of people and must always be aware of the budget throughout the stages of production. There have been occasions of inexperienced directors not knowing exactly what the film will be like when finished and also directors with visions that far exceed the capabilities of the budget (driving the producer, studio and investors bonkers).

In the film industry I have heard this a lot: “I do (blank), but what I really want to do is direct!” A director is commercially responsible for the success of a film. Although this is not all correct; he is the master of the creative department.

The film director’s role works as the link between all creative departments. In pre-production he is involved in casting and selecting crew. In production he is the creative hub; responsible for finalizing creative decisions, inspiring crew and actors in a way that bring his creative vision to life. Post-production is close work with the editor. A more hands on approach visually.

In Hollywood, a director’s name can be bigger than the film title. This presentation paints directors as something like creative gods. This unfortunately overshadows the crew and the other brilliant people that make film possible. Although directors like Spielberg and Burton are incredible visionaries; they are nothing without the creative team they work with. Next time you are in the theatre, have your friends or family stay behind and watch the 10 to 15 minutes of film credits after the movie to see the small city of brilliance that built the story you just sat through. Remember to remind them that:

“It is the group of professionals that make the focused decisions that bring a film to fruition, not necessarily the directors vision alone.”

If you are interested in being a film director please check out the links below.

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